The book talks about how it is important to face your inner feelings. If you want to live a successful and meaningful life, you need to give your emotions some consideration. Also, a true relationship, whether during, after or before marriage, is beyond the horizons of just physicality or sexuality. The psychological aspects of relationships are ignored by many and this is what causes bonds to break.

“If married people, for whatever reason, decide to look for another partner, this does not necessarily mean that the couple is not doing well. Nor do I believe that sex is the primary motive. It has more to do with boredom, with the lack of passion for life, with shortage of challenges. It’s a combination of factors.
Because, ever since we have moved away from God, we live a fragmented existence. We try to find oneness, but do not know the way back; thus, we are in a state of constant dissatisfaction where society prohibits and creates laws, but this does not solve problems“

As a conclusion, according to Coelho, what kills a relationship is the lack of challenges and the feeling that nothing is new anymore. The book ends with a beautiful note that we should learn to love better and that life is not a vacation; it is a constant learning process that teaches you something new, through your relationships with people, with every passing day.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to delve into the subjects of inner feelings and what causes people to be unfaithful to one another. I would especially recommend this to married couples who at some point in their marriage have felt a disconnection from their partner.


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