Love Lasts three Years

Love lasts three Years – Frédéric Beigbeder

„I’m sitting here in the same café where I sit every night, trying to gure this all out. I keep telling myself that I’m dead, andyet I still go on living. I’ve nearly died many times: I was almostwas run over by a car (it missed me by a hair), I’ve fallen out ofa window (I landed in some bushes), and I almost contracted alethal virus (but I wore a condom). What a pity. Death wouldbe t me well. Prior to my descent into hell, I was afraid of dying. These days, it would be a blessing. I can’t even bring myselfto understand why people are so worried about dying. Deathhas more surprises in store for us than does life. Now, I lookforward to dying. I can’t wait to leave this world and nd outwhat awaits us in the next. I think people who are afraid of dying just aren’t very curious“
„Not at all, pumpkin. Love lasts as long as it’s meant to, itdoesn’t matter in the end. But if you do want it to last, you needto learn to get used to boredom. You need to nd someone youwant to be bored shitless with. Because if eternal passion is im possible the best we can hope for is a pleasant state of boredom.”
P.S.: “When you lie, when you tell a woman that you loveher, you may believe you are lying, and yet something compelled you to say those words to her, and thus they are true.”(Raymond Radiguet)

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